A Quick Guide to Online Casinos in Thailand

Are you looking for an online casino in Thailand? Before you go any further, be reminded that the Land of Smiles has very strict regulations regarding gambling.


As a matter of fact, you can only place your bet on either the National Lottery or the thoroughbred horses at the racetracks of Bangkok. All other forms are stringently prohibited by law. And if you get caught, you may face penalties which include paying fines and spending time in jail.

online casino in Thailand



According to the Gambling Act of B.E. 2478 of 1935, all forms of gambling except the National Lottery and horse races are considered illegal. Furthermore, it categorises the types of gambling into Lists A and B. The former consists of wagering on animals such as dog or cockfights and other blood sports, which are considered an act of torture and cruelty. In addition to this, it also includes casino games such as Roulette and slot machines, and even Bingo, sports betting, raffles, and the like.


For List A, the penalty is considerably higher with fines of about 5000 Baht and 3 years of imprisonment. Meanwhile, List B games such as sports betting have a maximum penalty of about 1000 Baht and a year in prison.

Laws such as the Anti-Money Laundering Act, B.E. 2542 of 1999, and the Playing Cards Act, B.E. 2486 of 1943, which criminalises the unauthorised manufacturing, owning, and selling of playing cards, also affects gambling operations in the land.


Yet, even with the stringent laws, underground operations such as gambling dens and bookies are still flourishing across the country. The market is so huge that even the state lottery has its illegal counterpart.




Betting in an online casino in Thailand is the best option for those who wish to play or make wagers in the Kingdom. Many Thai language gambling sites are well regulated and are generally the ones that are more credible and are considered safer.


You do not have to worry about being fined for playing online Poker. All you need to make sure of is the website’s trustworthiness and reputation. Just look for the legalities and licenses coming from government authorities.


While none of these online gambling sites are based in Thailand, most support multiple languages including Thai. Some of them also accept various currencies such as Baht. They can also wire money to numerous bank accounts across the world. By simply using the online banking option of your bank account, you can either deposit or withdraw, as well as transfer cash to and from your local ATMs and bank branches. Check more here Ebet88.




Local players can still use a foreign-owned online casino in Thailand. Since the Thai Government has no jurisdiction over these sites, this basically means that authorities have almost no control over those who are using overseas-hosted gambling sites.


However, it is always best to take precaution. The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology may still monitor your usage. It may restrict you from accessing the websites and even red-flag telephone numbers that have unusual heavy usage during Poker Tournaments.  So just keep an eye out for this. To find out more, visit

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